Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions make things easier. More so, when it comes about finance then it becomes essential to follow proper terms and conditions. We, at Wedding Loans have some terms and conditions. Before you make any final decision regarding our loan services, you are required to visit this page of terms and conditions. Everyone visiting our website is advised to follow these terms and conditions as it will enable you to make correct decision for financial assistance.

Wedding Loans is the holder of copyright for all the information, images and details given on our site. We reserve the right to use this information for our purpose only. You should not modify, republish or reproduce any information given on our website as it is strictly prohibited.

Weddingloans.net provides facility of exchanging links with other sites as well. You may find links of other sites on our site. However, we do not verify the information given on these websites. When you are visiting these sites, then in case any problem is caused to your system then we will not be held responsible for it. We do not guarantee for our website to be free from virus. Hence, with a view to keep your data protected from any virus problems, you are advised to install antivirus software in your system.

When you are filling online loan application form for Wedding Loans then you are advised to give correct and genuine information. As submission of incorrect information in loan application form can deter you from availing financial aid with us. On our site, we have given general idea about various features of loans. You are advised, not to take this information as any expert’s advice. We will not be responsible for any act done by you on the basis of this information.

We, Wedding Loans reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without any prior notice. So, it is advisable to be aware of these modifications every time you visit our site.

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